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Avisomo provides everything needed to start a plant factory, including know-how and guidance on how to get from startup to stable production. Our business model is designed to quickly make your plant factory competitive via large-scale, automated plant growth.

Even the largest plant factory started with a tiny seed

Avisomo makes vertical farming scalable for everyone. Our solutions ensure rapid startup growth and take large-scale plant factories to the next level.

Avisomo growth stations

Avisomo Growth station

Avisomo has developed different types of stations for various purposes. This ensures that the growth environment is ideally suited for any plant recipe. All our stations have one thing in common, though; they are designed for cost-cutting, labor efficiency, and maximized profits.

Some stations have more light in each layer, enabling excellent optimization of the plants’ taste, nutritional values, and appearance. We plan to soon add exciting plant recipes like “spicy radish” or “lemon lettuce”. For the time being, however, our recipe output aims to give all our partners the best return possible on their investment.

Avisomo Growth Station 4e

Avisomo Growth Station 4e

4E is our best solution for quick ROI. The levels in this system are spacious enough for one grow light to cover the entire growing surface. This drastically reduces your investment costs. However, since the single lamp set-up has its limitations, the 4E is only recommended for running our library’s most basic plant recipes.
Avisomo Growth Station 5e

Avisomo Growth Station 5e

A5 is our most advanced system. This station can handle anything, including all plant recipes in our plant growth library. A5 makes better use of your space. It is set up for automated growth of high-end produce. With better lighting control, this system allows for advanced operations and lets you fine-tune plant health, taste, nutritional values, and appearance.
Avisomo Research Station

Avisomo Research Station

Our research station is designed for constant access to all plant growth. It is perfect for research surveillance, but it is less cost-effective due to its one-trolley set-up. That said, it can be beneficial in certain situations. For instance, when growing strawberries, this station makes your daily harvesting a lot less taxing.

Avisomo Software solutions

Avisomo Software solutions
The Avisomo software is the heart and soul of our plant growth system. It allows us to automize lighting, irrigation, and fertilization. Each plant comes with a so-called “digital plant recipe” for fully automated cultivation. Our recipes mimic natural growing conditions. Depending on which stage the plant is in, you can customize conditions such as sunrise, sunset, nutrient levels, and moisture in both substrate and environment. Depending on your building’s atmosphere, you can adjust the standard recipes or create your own recipes from scratch. Take complete control of your plant growth with a helping hand from the Avisomo software and plant recipes.


The dashboard controls your plant growth. It shows you the different farm variables and the timeline of your products. This way, you can always keep on top of things and make sure that production runs smoothly.


The desktop view of your vertical farm is fully customizable. Just drag-n-drop the different stations and solutions to your liking and get the overview you want. Management was never easier!
Avisomo Plant recipes


Digital Plant Recipes (DPR) are the backbone of our plant growth system. The DPRs able you to replicate your best growth results easily. Every plant growth cycle is logged and stored in the cloud. Discovering your best crop recipes is no problem at all!
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Avisomo components

Avisomo components
Avisomo delivers complete turnkey solutions for vertical farming. We also provide all necessary components for vertical farm upgrades and expansion. It might sound like a hassle to constantly upgrade your plant growth system, but in many cases, it is necessary to stay ahead of the competition. Remember that vertical farming technology improves fast. Upgrades optimize your plant growth and make your system more cost-effective.
Irrigation and fertilizer

Irrigation & fertilizer

Our irrigation system includes fully automated fertilizing and reservoir refilling. All you need to pay attention to is your nutrient solution levels. Keep them up, and your plant growth will thrive. This solution was designed for Avisomo growth stations, but it works with any system that needs irrigation.
Avisomo sensors


The Avisomo system comes with wireless temperature, CO2, and humidity sensors. We also have extra sensors for purchase if you want to track the climate in your nearby surroundings. All our sensors are wireless with a ten-year expected lifespan from the acquisition. All data picked up by the sensors are automatically logged in the Avisomo software.
Avisomo lamps


Our LED grow lights are custom-made for the Avisomo system. The patented lens is designed for hyper-accurate light distribution. Avisomo is the only store to offer these lamps for one-by-one purchase. Our lamps are built to last and aimed at achieving the best ROI. The expected lifetime is 20+ years, and every lamp comes with brackets for easy installation in the Avisomo growth stations.


The Avisomo vertical farming system is the most flexible and scalable on the planet. It’s a bold claim, which is why we follow up by offering fully automated internal logistics. This is the same technology that took Amazon to the top. If you’re looking to make a cost-effective plant growth system, start investing in AVG-Robotics.
Avisomo automation line

Avisomo automation

Re-inventing the wheel is rarely necessary. Borrow from the best and rise to the top. Avisomo has partnered up with a handful of awesome automation companies. Together, we offer the best automation solutions at the lowest prices. Let us know what size of production you have in mind, and we’ll make an educated estimate of your automation potential.
The engineer you need

Engineers On Call

Avisomo is a team of engineers who love coming up with elegant solutions to complicated problems. We want to hear about your farm and help you overcome the biggest obstacles to your success. We are well-versed in climate calculations, air distribution planning, LED-spectrum selection, machinery automation, ROI calculations, and much, much more!