Plant factory solutions

Build profitable and scalable plant factory solutions

Build the plant factory of the future with Avisomo’s market leading vertical farming technology. Grow faster than your competition!

  • Fully automated plant growth
  • Year round, high quality produce
  • Highly competitive business model

Full automation for cutting costs and maximizing returns

The Avisomo plant recipes optimize plant growth through lighting, irrigation, and ventilation.
Internal logistics in the facility is handled by automated robotics.

The Avisomo Growth station
- A scalable business model

Achieve scale and profitability in your plant factory faster with our modular production system – the Avisomo Growth Station. 

Invest in a proof of concept plant factory before you scale. Achieve large scale production and automation at a fraction of the cost of your competitors.

Avisomo plant factory sizes:
Standard farm: 2500 growth stations
Proof of concept mini farm: 250 growth stations

Avisomo products

Avisomo Growth station

Avisomo Growth Stations

One growth station can hold three standard CC trolleys. When parked in the growth station, the trolleys receive correct lighting, irrigation, and airflow on all levels. The station can be modified for more lamps and levels to optimize the environment for your plant growth needs.
Avisomo Farming software

Avisomo Farming Software

Every plant growth station has a separate control unit for irrigation, lighting, and airflow. This allows you to produce various crops in the same facility. Thanks to our premade digital plant recipes, the separate control units ensure plant growth optimization for all your crops.
Avisomo Plant recipes

Avisomo Plant Recipes

Digital plant recipes contain all information needed to automate the growth of any given plant. The Avisomo plant recipes are developed together with local farmers. Do you want to contribute? Get in touch today! We would love to hear your input.
Basil production in a vertical plant factory.

Benefits of Avisomo partnership

In short, here is what Avisomo provides to ensure your plant factory success:

  1. Flexible module-based plant growth system
  2. Avisomo’s software for plant optimization
  3. Methodical AI supervision of all operations
  4. AGV-robotics for internal logistics automation
  5. Avisomo’s team on stand-by for assistance
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Economy of a modern vertical farm

Learn the business model of a modern vertical farm. What are the costs, yield, profits, benefits and risk factors?

Solutions designed for plant factory profitability

One person

Takes care of 50 growth stations alone

One month

Your plant factory produces 250-2500 tons of leafy greens

One plant factory

Can profit from 55.000$ to 600.000$ per month

Avisomo customers

The Avisomo vertical farming system is a huge time-saver, and allows us to deliver products to our local market all year round.

Harald Bjørke

Bjørke Gartneri

The Avisomo Farming solution enables automated germination and propagation of our seedlings, this has saved us a lot of time!

Per Odd Gjestvang

Nordre Vang gård

With the Avisomo Farming system we were able to increase our production capacity. We were able to turn empty spaces into productive areas!

Rolf Ingvar Fuglerud

Elvenhøy Gartneri

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Please let us know if you want to discuss how you can benefit from the Avisomo vertical farming system.

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