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Economy of a modern vertical farm

Learn the business model of a modern vertical farm. What are the costs, yield, profits, benefits and risk factors?

Avisomo products

Avisomo Growth station

Avisomo Growth Stations

One growth station can hold three standard CC trolleys. When parked in the growth station, the trolleys receive correct lighting, irrigation, and airflow on all levels. The station can be modified for more lamps and levels to optimize the environment for your plant growth needs.
Avisomo Farming software

Avisomo Farming Software

Every plant growth station has a separate control unit for irrigation, lighting, and airflow. This allows you to produce various crops in the same facility. Thanks to our premade digital plant recipes, the separate control units ensure plant growth optimization for all your crops.
Avisomo Plant recipes

Avisomo Plant Recipes

Digital plant recipes contain all information needed to automate the growth of any given plant. The Avisomo plant recipes are developed together with local farmers. Do you want to contribute? Get in touch today! We would love to hear your input.

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