The potential for renewable energy in vertical farming

A hand holds up a plant against a LED grow light.

Vertical farming and renewable energy: Both due to the growing population and the growing demands, Earth’s natural resources are on the brink of getting exhausted. With a minute-by-minute loss of 23 hectares of arable land and a human population that just reached 8 billion people, food shortage is an inevitable cause of worry for every […]

What is vertical farming?

Vertical farming system with various plant growth.

What is vertical farming? It’s our best idea to make a sustainable and profitable global food industry. Here’s how it works:

Vertical farming research

A hand feeling the plants when doing vertical farming research.

NASA and Microsoft is at the forefront of vertical farming research. Together, they are changing food production as we know it.

Why invest in vertical farming?

Different plants in a vertical farm start-up facility.

The best reasons to invest in vertical farming is that the window of opportunity is open. Once market satiates, it will be too late.